Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minority Report Scene Analysis: Picture #27

This shot is taken from the part of the movie where Jad, Fletcher, and Danny are trying to pinpoint Anderton's position. This shot is a medium three-shot because it's about waist height and there are three actors. It could actually potentially be a three-and-a-half shot because you can see John Anderton looming in the top right corner of their transparent computer monitor. The motif of thirds shows up here as well as various other moments throughout the movie. Besides the three cops, there are the three members of John Anderton's family, the three witnesses to the crimes, the three pre-cogs etc. Opacity, translucency, and transparency are also reoccurring visual motifs. In this scene, the audience is looking through the transparent computer screen at the three policemen. The color scheme is fairly consistently gloomy throughout the whole film and this scene is not extraneous to that. This scene might be considered a high-angle shot because the camera is looking down on the policemen from above the computer.

This scene also plays off of my favorite quote in the entire movie when John says "you don't have to chase me", and Fletcher says "you don't have to run." At it's most basic level of analysis, this film deals in ideas of free-will. That little exchange between Fletcher and John speaks greatly to Spielbergs idea of free-will. The idea that you don't have to do anything, yet John still runs and Fletcher still chases him.