Monday, December 2, 2013

My Creation of The Road

If I were to make a movie of The Road, I probably would make a lot of stylistic decisions that would be artistically significant but make the movie hard to enjoy. For example, I would put no music in the movie. It would be a way to convey to the viewer at least some sense of the post apocalyptic world. Scenes would be slow and tiring and last a long time because I would want time to become meaningless to the viewer as well as make the viewer empathize with the characters by also feeling bored and fatigued watching my movie. The scenes of the man and the boy travelling and pushing their cart would be slow with the only noise being from their footsteps and the carts tires. It would last a long time and the only camera change would be if something catches their attention.
The scene where they escape from the cannibals would be quick blurry and panicked. Not much would be seen. Again, the only sound would be diagetic.
My mise-en-scenes would usually be nothing but broken pieces of society. I'd throw in an old bottle and a faded billboard here and there to remind the viewer that it is not a different world but a completely altered version of the world they currently live in.

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  1. Tommy, where are final Road responses? Where is the framing post?